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Complete access control for your property

With so many options available for securing your premises and safeguarding your property and data, of course you want to be sure you identify and permit entry to only the right visitors. If you have been considering purchasing an access control system contact SWS Security Systems Ltd.


All of our door and gate automation systems can be linked to customised access control mechanisms. This means you can manage and protect your staff and visitors, your stock, assets and vehicles. So you can enhance the safety of your staff and visitors but also reduce the incidence of theft and vandalism.


All our access control systems are designed and developed to the highest quality standards and are installed and maintained by our experienced and skilled team.

Access control solutions

Safety solutions by SWS Security Systems Ltd

• Proximity card and tags - a total solution for companies that allow certain areas of the building to be accessible to certain members of staff. This usually takes the form of visitor, normal, privileged and master status. You can even tell where the staff have been all day!

• Video entry - allows you to see and speak to the visitor before you let them in.

• Telephone and audio entry - allows you to accept visitors after they have confirmed their identity via a telephone or an audio unit.

• Touch pad entry - allows unsupervised entry via a designated number.

At SWS Security Systems Ltd, we give you comprehensive safety solutions and services. You can reach out to us for fire alarms, intruder alarms, CCTV installations and access control systems. We also do servicing and repairs of existing units.


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