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Improve your home and business security with our CCTV solutions

At SWS Security Systems Ltd we offer a vast range of closed circuit CCTV systems to suit your needs. Being specialists in this field we can offer everything from a simple camera linked to your TV for domestic applications to sophisticated multiple camera systems using the very latest digital video recording devices. You can also see your property on your smart phone, tablet or PC with the download of an app to link up to all CCTV.

CCTV solutions by SWS Security Systems Ltd

Other security services in Basildon

• Wide range of CCTV systems to suit your security needs (Entry level CCTV - For home and small businesses, Mid-range CCTV - For increased focus and better image quality, Advanced CCTV - For high security needs)

• Digital system recording

• Covert cameras

• CCTV Installations by professionals

• Maintenance and repair of existing CCTV systems

Alongside CCTV installations, we also provide other security system installations such as burglar alarms and access control. Get in touch with our experienced staff in Basildon to get a smoke detector or an access control system fitted at your premises.

Keep an eye on your property

View images of your property through smart phone,tablet or PC

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